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Last updated on 12-10-2023

Tempting Willows... odd herd name, right?

There is a story in how our name came to be. Before there were Nigerian Dwarves, there were horses. Two horses in particular - Tempting Tandis Jet, or Tandy, and Willows Forever Beauty. Tandy came into Anna’s life when Tandy was a yearling and Anna was just 14. The pair of them inseparable for years. They taught each other so much about life, responsibility and love. Tandy is the reason that Anna and Stephen met. Now Tandy is 28 and can no longer be ridden due to arthritis, but is the Princess of the Pasture.

Willow came into our lives when Stephen’s first mare, Tilly, had a foal. We imprint trained Willow and had her inspected for acceptance into the American Warmblood Registry, which she passed with flying colors and got a “Preferred” designation. Willow is a family horse now carrying the girls in open horse shows and through years of 4H.

As our human kids came along, a friend introduced us to these adorable little goats. Our herd grew over the next several years from 3 to currently about 40. It is what we do as a family. Dinner conversations revolve around shows and breeding plans now. We have watched our children grow up in goats - Learning about responsibility, life, loss, and love.

Our past is paved with horse hoof prints and because of that when we named our farm, we wanted to pay tribute to the horses that carried us to where we are today. So it is with humble pride we’d like to introduce you to TEMPTING WILLOWS!


7-17-2022 Tempting Willows Ruckus is now a Permanent Champion!!!

6-13-2021 Tempting Willows Lyric is now a PERMANENT CHAMPION!!!!

6-2-2021 Kidding season is OVER!!! 75 nigerian kids this spring.

3-28-21 We are swimming in kids!!!!!

8-9-2020 Tempting Willows Tumbleweed has earned her Superior Genetics (SG) designation!!!

7-24-2020 We have been milk testing and we only have 4 does left to get their milking stars!!!

4-15-20 We sent in our first milk samples of the year! Lotta milked 5.35pounds and Savannah milked 4pounds!!!!!

3-7-2020 Kids are on the GROUND!!!!!

2-18-2020 DHI results have been updated!!!! The girls did a great job milking.

12-25-2019 MERRY XMAS!!!!

10-14-2019 2020 Breeding plans are now posted! Please contact us with any questions.

5-19-2019 MODGA was a big success. TemptingWillows Whiskey was 1st and 2nd out of 19 as a yearling milker and TemptingWillows Frankie won Grand Champion Senior Doe in ring 2.

4-7-2019 We have decided to milk test this year!!!!!

3-6-19 The "for sale" page is updated. 8 more goats to kid!!!!

2-25-19 Ace is heading to Virginia! You will be missed!

Meet THE GURNEY's - Stephen, Anna, Madison, Ben and Gabby

We have a small 5 acre farm outside the small town of Payne, Ohio. We are near the Indiana/Ohio line in NW Ohio. In addition to our goats, we enjoy many other activities including 4H, fishing, sports, etc., but the majority of the time we are doing something animal related.


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